A Raga Grows In Brooklyn

1. Brooklyn: NYC’s largest and coolest borough.

2. Raga: One of the ancient traditional melodic patterns, or modes, in Indian music

3. Massive: Add 1 and 2!

Brooklyn Raga Massive (BRM), formed in the fall of 2011, is a true collaboration. It is a huge

community of Indian Classic Music artists who perform in different permutations for

enthusiasts and new fans alike.

Brooklyn Raga Massive

“I think part of the mission of the Raga Massive is to demystify Indian music,” says

Eric Fraser, a multi-instrumentalist, composer, music therapist, and founding member.

“It’s not like this thing that has to be presented in a certain sort of way. We do everything from pure classical, to very meditative, to a party vibe. It’s a living tradition.”

The Massive mission is to “expand the Indian music audience by breaking conventional formalities,” explains Eric, which is managed by the artists.

The network of in the collective numbers over 40 members. Other founders of BRM

Brooklyn Raga Massive