Last Thoughts From Us

I have worked most of my life. I was a camp counselor at 15, was employed through college

at a juice bar and bakery, came to NYC with $100 in my pocket and supervised the renovation of an art gallery. In my 20’s I began a career in magazine publishing and helped my husband Paul start a still flourishing business. Then in my mid-40’s I changed direction, stumbled into yoga and co-founded a studio in Brooklyn. Soon after I became a teacher and created YogaCity NYC. In between I’ve served on Boards, consulted for a myriad of companies and with Paul raised two incredibly self-sufficient young women.

Now I’m eyeing 60 and it’s time to rest.

Some ancient texts say that yoga lies between the inhale and the exhale.

In the pause.

I find it interesting that there are very few postures taught before modern times.

One of them is savasana.

So at least for a couple of months I am going to attempt pausing, watch my breath and take lots of savasana.

And, I’ll see what comes up.

Even as I write this I am thinking about a pending consulting project, expansion of two non-profit organizations, the classes I teach and my desire to work more fervently on resisting the direction our federal government is taking us in.

It’s scary for me to balance in a place of inaction. I’m not so sure I can do it for very long.

Will my friends still find me interesting? Will I be able to take care of myself financially? Will I still be relevant in a society that glorifies the new and the young? Are there important classes and workshops I’ll be missing? Will I become a couch potato and view TV and social media all day?

Despite these nagging questions, my inner guru says rest is the right thing to do now.

This sense of yoga might last a couple of weeks or only a couple of hours.

The bible says that a normal lifespan will be no more than 120 years.

So I’ll watch my practice and get ready for the 2nd Act.