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SURGE In Buffalo Studios : Sunday, July 27 - The Yoga boom hits town.
VIRTUE In Fast Food : Sunday, July 27 - Growth of the Farm to Counter movement.
BUCKET Bathing : Sunday, July 27 - The author of this NPR short goes home to New Dehli and gets clean in an old fashioned way. 


Monday , July 28, 2014

Hosted By A Trendy Nightclub In Williamsburg
07/22/14: We danced. We twirled. We laughed. And then, we found savasana. ...read more
Events For You!
07/23/14: Highly respected senior teacher, Eddie Stern is teaming up with Urban Yogis to give a free yoga class down in Chinatown - appropriate for all ages. ...read more
Urban Sangha Treats The City's Unsung Heroes
07/21/14: "Caring for myself is not self-indulgent, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare," said Booker. ...read more

07/28/14: As the work-week grind raced along at top speed, Sleuth decided to take a Sunday to slow down, and reconnect to the backbone of the practice at Yoga Union, known for its emphasis on the awareness of alignment. ...read more
07/28/14: For those ready to shake off the stress of the week days and boogie down for the weekend, Harlem yoga Studio offers a fun and funky Harlem Yoga Shakes class, a highly aerobic one hour class that takes various influences from vinyasa to African dance ...read more
07/21/14: Chelsea's Studio Anya offers "a system of yoga techniques that focuses on core principles of alignment, awareness and breath work to awaken your sixth sense, or 'soul sense' as an embodied experience." And who is Yoga Sleuth to resist that? ...read more

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