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EAT Legumes : Friday, April 18 - According to this article in the NY Times, eating beans and legumes, like chickpeas, helps to reduce "bad" cholesterol. 
NAKED Yoga Retreat A Treat : Friday, April 18 - In Ibiza, a naked yoga retreat is deemed a big success from the Mail Online. 
LULU Lagging : Friday, April 18 - According to this Reuter's article, Lululemon may have lost their top yoga wear status. 


Friday , April 18, 2014

Events For You!
04/17/14: This athletic and invigorating workshop will examine principles of bird poses, with their variations and transitions. Grounded birds will bow, twist, and bind, while ropes and slings will invite you to soar in flying poses. ...read more
Finding Services To Help Individuals
04/14/14: "We've been joking that yoga is this gateway drug to other modalities," Capobianco laughs. As clients' relationships with their bodies deepened, they began to get interested in other modalities ...read more
Where Beasts And Beauty Really Get To You
04/14/14: "I met them, sort of thinking this was going to be a very boring trip where they would do yoga, and just hoping they wouldn't be upset about the bugs, the heat, the wild and no communication with the outside world." The yogis surprised him. ...read more

04/14/14: Hanging out in Prospect Heights on a day off from desk jockeying, Yoga Sleuth was eager to start the day right with a morning class. Luckily, a place was set for me at The Table on Bergen Street. ...read more
04/14/14: Intrigued by the concept behind Mind Body Dancer, Yoga Sleuth decided to check out TaraMarie Perri's class just as the doors opened to its new home at Gibney Dance Center. Though the official launch isn't until September, the Perri Institute ...read more
04/06/14: Mala Yoga is a friendly, local Cobble Hill studio well-known in the neighborhood for its skillful yoga teachers. When I walked in for this late Monday night class, Blakeney Schick was checking in with each of the students she didn't know, asking about ...read more

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