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CREDITS Yoga For Saving His Life : Thursday, August 21 - The NY Times obituary for the legendary BKS Iyengar. 
RELIEVE Stress And Anxiety : Thursday, August 21 - Lynn Somerstein, a psychotherapist discusses how meditation can be used as part of a treatment for mental stress and anxiety.  
WHO Sleeps : Thursday, August 21 - No one in the world sleeps less than the residents of Tokyo, Japan. US cities also ranked in new study. 


Thursday , August 21, 2014

You Need One And So Do We
08/17/14: You’ll still hear from us and we’ll still be updating the site by highlighting some past stories and reviews that you might have missed ...read more
Kirtan Soul Revival Brings A Joyous Noise And A Groovy Funk To Bhakti Celebrations
06/09/14: They had everyone responding to their calls a few bars in, and on their feet and dancing with abandon and joy by mid-set. ...read more
He's Cased 11 Studios So Far And Hit 7
04/07/14: If the cops can't do much,then what should studios do? Some inmates say studios may want to start acting like they take security seriously. ...read more

04/14/14: Intrigued by the concept behind Mind Body Dancer, Yoga Sleuth decided to check out TaraMarie Perri's class just as the doors opened to its new home at Gibney Dance Center. Though the official launch isn't until September, the Perri Institute ...read more
06/16/14: Sleuth decided to rename York Ave "Yoga Avenue," in honor of the great classes he's taken at New York Yoga off 85th Street. And now adding to that esteemed list is a saturday afternoon fun and energetic vinyasa flow with dynamic Dayle Pivetta. ...read more
09/23/12: Throughout class Bill would encourage us to imagine what was going on underneath the surface: how this movement might be transforming our fascia, bones, organs, nerves and other subtle levels. ...read more

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