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CELEBRATE With A Pose : Thursday, February 26 - Colorado approves yoga teacher training bill so Senator Owen Will does crow.
PAT Robertson Claims : Thursday, February 26 - Robertson cautions his 700 Club viewers against taking up yoga.
AN App For That : Thursday, February 26 - NY Times highlights a few apps to help you start or maintain a meditation practice.


Thursday , February 26, 2015

The Scientifically Proven Antioxidant
02/23/15: The "mama-san" of healthy beverages, green tea is something we've all picked up on. There is general, uncontested acceptance of the stuff. But is it really a magic bullet? How does it work? What are it benefits, both claimed and proven? ...read more
We Made It To March - Get Ready To Bend!
02/24/15: For all you folks with achy backs, Maya Ray-Schoenfeld will help you find the misalignments causing your discomfort. And Benn Rasmussen goes rogue with forearm stand at Kula Tribeca. ...read more
The Integral Apothecary Falls and Rises
02/24/15: Although it seems unchanged, Dawson points out that by its very nature fire changes everything. “Fire has a purifying impact on the things it touches, allowing one to start a new and rise from the ashes much like a Phoenix.” ...read more

02/23/15: Usha Veda is a small, but well-appointed space in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. It is clean and bright and feels cheerfully homey. They offer affordable $10 Community Classes Monday through Friday at 11am taught by the wonderful staff and attended by ...read more
02/23/15: When temperatures are in the single digits, there's only one place this Sleuth will happily trek across town to and that's yoga class. When that class is at the warm and welcoming Harlem Yoga Studio on bustling 125th Street, you can bet a smile will ...read more
02/15/15: The downstairs studio at House of Jai was already mat to mat, but my fellow practitioners parted like the Red Sea to miraculously make room for Yoga Sleuth. ...read more

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