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LULU Still Lackluster : Wednesday, April 23 - Investors are not only complaining about Lulu's lack of good financial guidance but the new CEO's body might not be right for the clothes.
EXPANSION Planned : Wednesday, April 23 - The Sonima Foundation, which brings yoga to school children in Encinitas, California is expanding their program to other districts. 
1000 Yoga Students To Fill Stadium : Wednesday, April 23 - On April 27, 1000 yoga students are expected to fill Gillette Stadium in Boston to help kids in need. 


Wednesday , April 23, 2014

Chats About Tending The Heart Fire
04/21/14: You can see stress very easily in a heart rhythm, it speeds up or becomes erratic. Same with our breath. So the science of our energetic heart is that the little pacemakers cells are always trying to syncopate, bring us in balance ...read more
Rubin Show Mixes Ancient And Modern - Don't Miss It
04/21/14: Visitors take a pamphlet and are encouraged to fill out the quiz "Are You in Balance?" The questions a Tibetan doctor might ask are "What do you dream about and what colors are predominant in those dreams?" "In what climate do you feel uncomfortable?" ...read more
Pen And Movement In Brooklyn
04/22/14: Calling all yogic wordsmiths, amateur scribners, and those who've always dreamed of writing but never given it a try: there is something you need to know about. ...read more

04/20/14: Exhale Spa has sort of a swanky feeling to it, but it's not to overpower the sense of serenity one feels upon entering. As I signed up for class I noticed blissed out men and women exiting from class or a spa treatment. Besides yoga, Exhale offers ...read more
04/20/14: It was a packed house at Sonic Yoga in Hells Kitchen when Yoga Sleuth stepped up to the mat, ready for an invigorating afternoon Prana Flow sequence with Jeffrey Scott Duval. We got right to business, standing in Tadasana and taking up hands up to ...read more
04/14/14: Hanging out in Prospect Heights on a day off from desk jockeying, Yoga Sleuth was eager to start the day right with a morning class. Luckily, a place was set for me at The Table on Bergen Street. ...read more

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