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What's Going On Around Town

You need spring smudging, the practice of purifying a person, place or object with the smoke of sacred herbs like white sage. Research has linked sage and other herbs to a more positive sense of well being. Learn techniques with teacher Laura Gotlin in this workshop that combines restorative yoga, essential oils and a chakra meditation. $25/$30. 7-9 p.m. Mon., April 24. Relax On Cloud 9 Health & Wellness Spa, 694 Clove Road in Staten Island. Click here to register.

Pause to refresh your mind and re-establish your center in the midst of bustling city life. Meditation is a powerful tool to eliminate stress, to heal the body, mind, and brain and to enhance your personal well-being and positive relationship with the world. Join instructor Mary Reilly Nichols, known as “Meditation Mary,” to learn more. Suggested $10 donation. 1 p.m. Wed., April 26. Tibet House, 22 W. 15th St.

Balance your kapha tendencies in “Detox Flow.” To help you transition into spring, Sarah Platt-Finger will lead you through a sequence of sat kriyas (purification techniques), bandhas (locks of energy) and asana (physical postures) to help detoxify the physical and subtle body. Specific essential oils will be used to ignite the inner fire of transformation, leaving you feeling replenished and re-centered. $40/$50. 6:30-8:30 p.m., Thurs., April 27. ISHTA Yoga Downtown, 56 E. 11th St.

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