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Step Back

Sometimes no action is the best action, which is why we recommend taking a political break for a day or two.

Studies show how much more effective workers are when they go on vacations and get enough sleep. If your adrenals go into overdrive just by looking at the headlines or hearing someone from the opposite camp bleating on the radio, it’s time for some restorative poses. Those may include lying listlessly on the couch with bags and bowls of non-nutritive foodstuffs at hand—for a day or two. You can also embrace the healthful approach, of course: ditch the electronics, head into nature and listen to birds chirp and water fall or whatever it is that floats your inner boat. Sometimes you have to remove yourself to reassess and recharge. We’ve still got plenty of marches and megaphones ahead, but now we’re stepping away from the fray, if for a limited time only.

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