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MetaAnatomy 5 Essentials

The Top 5 MetaAnatomy Topics Essential For Every Yoga

Teacher And Serious Student!

with Kristin Leal

Knees • Sacrum • Low Back • Shoulder • Reading the Energy Body

Each day we will immerse ourselves in a gross (meaning large, not yucky) anatomical lecture. Using real bone specimens and hands on “body testing” we will impart concrete ways to help assess the differences in our own (and our students) skeletal anatomy. We will look at common injuries and ways to work with all students in a meaningful and safe way. And what makes this training so unique is that each day will also include the poetic energetic correlation to each structure and a full and fulfilling therapeutic asana and meditation class that weaves it all together.

Join me for what I promise will be a deep, informative and fun exploration of all things MetaAnatomy!

May 1–5 • 12:30–5:30pm


$525 – Early Bird (register by April 18, 2017)

Click here to register.

56 East 11th Street

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