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Peak Yoga

Have we hit our consumerist limit? Weed Yoga, Goat Yoga, Naked Co-Ed Yoga.

Would you like beer with your yoga? There’s a class for that.

Yoga in the buff? Manhattan’s Bold and Naked Yoga is precisely what it says it is.

For yogis who prefer to bundle in down, there’s snowga — yoga with snowshoes.

Some classes eschew the calm and quiet many practitioners seek. Y7, with locations in New York and Los Angeles, bills itself as “the original hip-hop yoga studio.”

Wish to vocalize at multiple decibels above a soothing om? There’s yoga with karaoke and — YES! REALLY! — tantrum yoga, which encourages poses and primal screams.

Trampoline yoga also exists, which must make balancing in Tree pose a challenge.

And, because it had to happen, there’s a yoga class with goats.

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