The Must-Read Book Club

Kathleen Kraft: I'm a poet as well a yoga teacher so yogic poems intrigue me... but I think I first heard of Mira from an old boyfriend who wrote a play about her life, a good one at that. I'm moved by her fierceness, her conviction and the rich world she creates for herself.

YCNYC: Favorite quote?​

KK: "There are so many quotable lines, but it seems unjust not to share a poem by her. I picked this one because I like its everyday simplicity, playfulness, and sweetness.

The Gooseberry Patch

Well, friend, I will praise the dear Lord with my


I go out each morning looking for spices, and for a

glimpse of him.

I'll dance well in Hari's temple, you'll hear my

ankle bells.

I'll make the castanets give out his name, and I'll cross

the ocean of this world.

What is this world? A patch of gooseberry bushes. It

catches us on the way to the one we love.

The Great Snake Giridhar is Mira's Lord; I'll sing

about hi