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Put Your Marching Shoes Back On

Ninety-seven percent of scientists who’ve published peer-reviewed papers about our role in climate change find a direct correlation. In other words, human pollution is destroying the atmosphere.

Hardly surprising, but our fearless leader begs to differ. Natch. This past week he championed a return to fossil fuels like coal, despite the fact that the money and jobs are in wind, solar and other renewable energies. He wants the U.S. to step down from the Paris Agreement on Climate Change (even Exxon thinks we should stay). What to do to combat the craziness? March, of course.

April 29th is 1) our peach-haired president’s 100th day in office and 2) the People’s Climate Movement march. Which would you rather celebrate? As yogis and advocates of ahimsa (non-violence), it’s our duty to protect Mother Nature from the brutality others are happy to wreak. Although there are a lot of issues to get riled up about these days, is anything more important than our planet?

If you can’t get to the Climate March in Washington, join the conveniently located sister march at Washington Square Park, also on April 29. The festivities begin at noon – so you can get in your morning practice! RSVP and you'll be kept in the loop about the details.

There’s lots of info on Facebook, and the DC-bound can find transportation options here.

See you on the 29th!

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