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Give it Up!

Whatever side of the fence you’re on, you want to know what’s really happening, right? You want to have an informed handle on the actual facts that the alternative facts are intended to spin or negate. (#sad that ‘fact’ now needs a modifier) To keep reliable information from being buried by delusional tweets and wild accusations, it’s up to the sane among us to support the outlets digging for the truth. Newspapers, TV and radio programs have been inundated with unsubstantiated noise of late, and it’s their job, an increasingly expensive one, to navigate the nonsensical landscape.

Subscribe and/or donate to keep them going. WNYC, which relies on the public for its dollars and produces in-depth, well-rounded analyses of the day’s issues and antics, is a great place to begin. Then you can listen live or download a podcast knowing you're part of the team.

--the Editors

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