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Venus In Retrograde Marks Big Changes

Sensing a change of heart? Venus, the goddess of love and enjoyment is about to flip the script - for better or for worse. From March 4 – April 15, Venus will appear to move backwards (or retrograde) in the sky. During this time of soulful revision, Venus vanishes from her nightly appearance as the Evening Star, and rises as the fierce Venus Morning Star, where she will remain for months to come. The fate of our passions, comforts and joy is now up for negotiation. From March 4, Venus will dip closer each night toward the blinding light of sunset. It may feel like “make it or break it” in some area of your life by March 25, when Venus is fully conjunct the sun and invisible to the naked eye. The Ancient Sumerian myth of Inanna's descent into the underworld symbolizes Venus’s retrograde journey toward the sun. In her “trial by fire,” Inanna travels into the oblivion of death from which no one can -- or should -- return. She is stripped of her diamonds and clothes and made to walk naked into her tomb.

Inanna - Venus

Yet Venus rises from the dead, and returns to shine like a diamond in the sky that has been shaped by the enormous heat and pressure of the underworld. Venus always rises as morning star with the strongest magnitude of brilliance in her cycle. The brightly shining Morning Star (also called Lucifer, herald of light) is followed by demons who demand that she trade another living soul in exchange for her escape from the underworld. The goddess looks at all her beloved friends, family and servants who had been mourning her death and frets -- she cannot decide who should replace her in the world of the dead.

But then, in a funny twist of fate, the goddess of love and marriage discovers her own husband celebrating with prostitutes and sitting on her throne. She offers her faithless husband to the demons of the underworld and retakes her rightful place. Venus in retrograde can give powerful and transformative insight into relationships. Grounded and realistic understanding can propel an inner momentum of self-discovery and independence. Venus in retrograde is a period which can strip away illusion, allowing us to see and ask for what we truly desire. If you are currently in a relationship, this may be a pivotal time to work on issues that have been swept under the carpet. Great healing is made possible through renewed appreciation and deepened vows of commitment. Unfinished business may be brought to closure during Venus in retrograde. Sometimes nostalgic situations can flashback from the past, and old flames may come out of the woodwork. You may feel Venus’s backspin in friendships and business partnerships. Renegotiating and refinancing agreements will clear the air and create room for new growth. Ask yourself if your needs are being fulfilled. Venus thrives when energetic exchanges are fair and mutually beneficial.

This Venus retrograde cycle is in the mystical sign of Pisces, where she is exalted. Jupiter’s beneficial aspect onto Venus supports universal love and compassion for others. Heart opening spiritual experiences will encourage charitable actions and spark soulful connections. Music and other subtle forms of expression are deeply energized here, as well. In Vedic astrology, Venus will station in the area of the sky called Revati nakshatra, triggering important turning points for caregivers, pet owners, and travelers. Some days after March 31 (depending on location), Venus will rise before dawn as morning star. The weeks following this day are said to bring dangerously seductive situations. Take heed and do not be swept into wild and passionate decisions and frivolous expenditures. Desire for new experiences could inspire some fun and creative risk-taking. This may be a great time to rejuvenate your wardrobe, try a change in hair or makeup, or take a wild stab at an art form you have never tried before.

The sacred geometry of Venus's 19 month cycle. The rise of Venus as a Morning Star takes place every 8 years in geometric perfection that is peculiar to planet Venus that rules balance and harmony The reappearance of Venus at dawn is called the “Heliacal Rise” and due to the phenomenally symmetrical pattern of Venus’s movements it returns to rise at nearly the same degree point in the sky every 8 years. Think back to April 2009 and consider what was going on in your life, especially in the Venus ruled subjects of love and money. What has been discarded and what has been transformed? A cycle that began then is coming to its completion now.

-- Kari Field

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