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Do This Now: Red Alert

Get out your crimson, your fire engine, your scarlet—March 8 is Day Without a Woman (#DayWithoutaWoman), brought to you by the Women’s March organizers and in solidarity with International Women’s Strike. Keeping pressure on Washington—and the rest of the world—to recognize the power and strength of the fairer (more equitable, honest, etc) sex, there are three courses of action to take this coming Wednesday:

1) Take off from work

2) Don’t shop, unless the business is female-owned

3) Wear red

If a day off isn’t practical (what, you need a paycheck?), and an emergency arises that requires a purchase from a less-fair-sex-owned enterprise, we understand.

But wearing red, even if you’re a ginger and your mother forbade it, is an easy way to join the cause. It doesn’t have to be a head-to-toe outfit—although there’s nothing quite so eye-catching as an uninterrupted fiery ensemble, # ViolaDavisAt TheOscars. A simple chapeau, pussy-bow blouse, leggings—even a thick hair ribbon in a hot-cherry shade will do the trick.

Or, if you’ve got a pair of Louboutins, those trademark undersoles will have you instantly done and dusted.

Guys, you're welcome to the party—socks, a jacket, a tie!

See you in Wednesday's Red Sea!

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