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It Is Time

It is a time for unity

for ethics

for truth

it is a time for honor

to get together with those we love

it is a time for music

and poetry

(both of which are true)

it is a time for spirits

(the alcoholic kind, also true)

A time for friendship

a time for solidarity

and lazos we call them

which are ties,

but they are ribbons

not ropes

a time for meeting

for community

for us,

but not us against them

a friendly us,

a welcome us

a come to us

when you are ready

for love and truth

and dignity and honor

we will honor you

like you never knew

because we will love


exactly as you are

all of you

whomever you are

-the only requisite

the only barrier

is truth

come with truth

and open arms will welcome you.

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