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Do This Now: Attend Evening on Trump, and Civil Liberty With The Sterns

Eddie and Jocelyne Stern have invited Alex Rosenberg (Vice President for 50 years of the Center for Constitutional Rights), Hooman Majd (author, political commentator, journalist) and other policy experts for an evening that is intended to assuage fear, address what the next four years may possibly look like, and how we can try to help shape it.

This informative event will be held January 18 @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm at the St. Phillip’s Christian Church, 765 Lafayette Avenue, in Bed-Stuy.

Pass the word because E &J want to get as many people as possible educated and up-to-date on these critical issues.

It will be an RSVP event, so email to get more information or make a reservation.

--the editors

--illustration: Sharon Watts

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