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Do This Now! Can't Come To DC? Join Thru Pussyhat Project

If you're not a marcher or just can't get to DC on January 21st, then join the

Pussyhat Project by knitting a simple hat for someone who will be there. Can't knit (yet). Click here to find out how -- it is really easy. Or, go to your local knitting store, like I did, and they will show you how to make this simple hat.

Why? The weather will be cold that day and you will be providing warmth to your fellow marchers.

Power in Pink

Imagine the National Mall full of women wearing all shades of pink and making an important visual statement: we are women, we know this is a very feminine color and the qualities of caring, compassion and love are not weak and feminine but strong and powerful.

Power of the Handmade

"When the hurly-burly's done,

When the battle's lost and won."

Since ancient times, women who gathered together and made things, like the weird sisters of Shakespeare, have been derided, cast out. Why? Women gathering in groups have always made men a little nervous because they know we do have powers. This January we celebrate that through this ancient art form.

Make a Hat For Someone You Know . . .

Or play it forward and make it for someone who will be there -- and you will be there with them.

To find out about patterns, making hats for others, or how to send a hat to a marcher, click here.

--the editors

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