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Celebrate The Holidays With Gifts That Give Twice

It’s a tough year for thinking about buying presents and yet . . .it feels great to give something really special to a loved one who might need it more than ever right now. We’ve solved the problem by finding everything from glittery jems to great books and amazing art pieces that give twice. When you buy one of these, you will also be contributing to those in dire need as well as Mother Earth, who keeps us all safe.

Satya Scainetti creates malas, necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings designed to help people on their journey, using meaningful gemstones and symbols. A portion of sales is donated to The Satya Foundation, started by Scainetti, which brings nutritious food to kids in India, helps in orphanages there, and puts yoga in NYC city schools, Satya has raised over $1 million and counting. Prices starting at $19.

AnandaShree Astrology Readings

Astrologer and spiritual advisor Kari Field upholds the tradition of Vedic Astrology not only to predict what’ll happen, but to understand extraordinary karmic patterns and cycles in your life. San Francisco residents can see Kari in person, and she’s also available to anyone, anywhere for sessions via Skype.

Anandashree donates a portion of proceeds to EmbracingTheWorld global charities, which are currently serving more than 40 countries to secure food, shelter, education, healthcare and livelihood to every community. Through providing disaster relief, homes, and public health, they strive to ensure safety, security and peace around the world. Sessions start at $50.

A Guided Tour of Hell

This graphic memoir tells a true account of Shambhala founder and author Samuel Bercholz’s near-death experience following heart surgery. The longtime Buddhist is sent to Hell and back, where he learns about the depths of human suffering. Both the story and the illustrations will blow you away.

Shambhala Press works to reduce environmental impact by printing its publications on Glatfelter’s Nature’s Trade Book Papers, which is sourced from responsibly forested trees and produced with 30% recycled materials. For every ton of this paper they use, they save 1 ton of wood, 5 million BTUs of energy, 630 pounds of CO2, 2,625 gallons of wastewater, and 337 pounds of solid waste. $24.95.

Looking for a gift for an outdoorsy friend? These lightweight, waterproof

and completely-solar powered lights by MPOWERD are collapsible so you can pack them up and take them wherever you go. (Indoor types, like the editors, use them in the bathtub.)

Luci works with over 200 non-profit partners to bring clean, safe light to places like Kenya, Haiti and Nepal where families often rely on toxic kerosene or dangerous indoor fires to go about their daily activities once the sun goes down. This mission-driven New York City based company also has a Give Luci program, so you can send a light to a person living to an area of the world without access to electricity. Prices starting at $11.95.

You don’t have to visit the Metropolitan Museum of art to view their newest acquisitions – Om From India’s incredible mythological prints. Mark and Elise, who own Om, are true Bhaki’s and their prices are incredibly reasonable. When you purchase one, Om will donate 20% of the cost to the LOKA foundation, which provides education and organic farming to Bihar, the poorest area of India. Prices starting at $80.

Surprised to find this company on our list? Warby Parker has shaken up the staid, self-satisfied eyewear industry by designing products in-house and provide good-looking glasses at amazingly affordable prices. Even better, the company is strongly motivated by its mission to deliver glasses to the one billion people who need them around the world. By partnering with non-profits like VisionSpring, Warby Parker ensures that for every pair of glasses they sell, one gets distributed to someone in need. Prices starting at $95. (Hmm, need some ? Might be a doubly good way to treat yourself.)

The Kids Postcard Project has been using artwork by children of the world to create colorful calendars, greeting cards and tote bags since 2008. 100 percent of proceeds go to their partnering organizations that help bring dignity and self-worth to underprivileged kids through art projects. The organization has worked with families in Mumbai, India and Cambodia, encouraging them to make art a part of their lives in childhood and moving forward. Prices starting at $22.

Meridian Lee specifically hires female entrepreneurs who have escaped human trafficking and other dangerous situations around the world to create these chic bags. Using special techniques and quality materials, the Meridian Lee team works with women in homes and

workshops to create ethically made bags, scarves and jewelry. Together they build friendships, business relationships, bring change to local communities and strengthen their families. Prices starting at $15.

Start each day with one of the 44 Yantra Bliss Oracle cards and invite beauty, truth and bliss into your life. All you have to do is choose a color and a design and you’ll open yourself up to the ancient wisdom teachings and their effects. A portion of every sale benefits Every Mother Counts, a non-profit that helps make pregnancy and childbirth safe for moms and babies worldwide. Each year, 303,000 women die due to complications and Every Mother Counts is fighting to change that. $45 including shipping.

Gathering inspiration from the beauty of the Hudson River, jewelry designer and former professional dancer Annmaria Mazzini creates earrings, bracelets and necklaces to bring a little magic into everyday life. You can even have your own unique piece commissioned after a free crystal consultation with Annmaria.

A portion of proceeds are given to Dancers Responding to AIDS, a non-profit organization that uses the talents of the entertainment industry to help support social service programs for those suffering from HIV/AIDS. YogaCity readers get 10% off using the code MAGICYOGI10! Prices starting at $45.

Since most of these designers are small business owners, call if you are nervous about getting your gift there on time and they will help you out if they can. We wanted to make this season a little easier and wish all of you a lovey and peaceful holiday season – you deserve it.

--Jackie Buda

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