A Massive Meditation Happening For Millennials

The Big Quiet, a modern meditation event, is the spiritual descendent of the gatherings of the Woodstock era. New York millennials have begun flocking to it and on December 12, The United Palace in Washington Heights will host the 21-Century Happening.

The fifth Big Quiet begins with a Bazaar - food, beverages socializing and simple meditation lessons for newbies. The socializing is followed by a mass meditation accompanied by a sound experience.

“Sara Auster is our friend and a big sound leader in New York,” says Lauren Bille, one of the

organizers. “We realize that the soundscape in the background allows people to go deeper; it takes them to another level. And as it [this technique] grows in the city, we’ve gotten to learn so much more about sound healing.”

There are also live musicians, including a choir, woodwinds and a drum ensemble, as well as DJs to take participants into a meditative state.

“We’re finding that people are lost, and hungry for deep connection,” Lauren says. “They’re seeking to be more connected to themselves and others, at a time when it’s hard to get that naturally because of the way things have changed, and with technology being such a huge part of our lives. I think that connection is something we’re creating – we’re making meditation accessible to the new generation.”