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Short Days, Long Nights & Darkness

In years past, I’ve never been a big fan of Daylight Savings. The suddenness of the time change and the loss of light so early in the day always left me feeling as though I never had enough time. This year however things feel a bit different. Instead of lamenting the darkness, I’ve felt a sense of protection and warmth with the early arrival of night.

In my evening yoga practice this week, I’ve been especially grateful for the darkness. With the night sky, my mind shifts to release the day more easily and I feel more open to embrace a clear mindspace. I am better able to listen to my breath and move into the “yoga zone” where mental stresses and plans are put on hold. It’s as though the darkness informs my mind that the day is winding down. If you’re having trouble adjusting to Daylights Savings on a physical, mental, or energetic level, try taking time for a yoga practice in the evenings in order to embrace and integrate the darkness into your mind-body-heart.

To read more of Michelle Laxton's work go to her website or the Pilgrimage of the Heart Yoga website.

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