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Vedic Astrologer: Victory Of The New Light

Have you felt anxious, confused or lost in the dark in recent days? It's time to come out into the light. The New Moon of October 30 holds a special significance for the victory of light over darkness. Light a lamp on this new moon to banish away ghosts of fear and dissolve the darkness of the night with new hope and clarity. The New Moon will be in a section of the sky that is called Swati nakshatra in Vedic Astrology. Swati is the “star of the wind” and known for its restless nature. It is ruled by the rebellious shadow dragon, Rahu. Over the last couple months Rahu’s transformative power has been amplified by a strange and disorientating influence called Kala Sarpa Yoga (The Serpent of Time). Rahu is leading the world through unsteady territory lately by peeling off layers of political conspiracy and distorting moral principles. Now, more than ever, it is time to call upon the special power of this New Moon. In India it is celebrated as Diwali, the 5-day festival of lights. On the New Moon, lamps are lit and fireworks are set to symbolize the power of the light of knowledge over ignorance and the victory of good over evil. Homes are cleaned and decorated with lights to call in the blessings of the goddess of abundance (Lakshmi) and the breaker of obstacles (Lord Ganesha). The divine blessing of this New Moon will ignite the power of light over darkness and give the blessing of prosperity and happiness.

Lakshmi and Ganesha

Also take heed on the day of October 29 to October 30 when Saturn and Venus, the planet of love and desire, will be in a rare and tumultuous formation called graha yuddha - or planetary war. The upcoming lunar cycle could increase pressure on romantic partnerships and stir up old resentments and misunderstandings. It may even call into question how love, beauty, and femininity itself is defined. Saturn’s unstoppable realism can cut through Venus’s superficial tendencies and the fairy tale frosting may finally get wiped clean. This could provide an excellent opportunity for us to see beauty (and women in general) in a new and authentic light. Since Venus wins this planetary war, she may come out of the fray less naïve, but more in love than ever. Whether you are a man or a woman, this New Moon is an opportunity to work on healing negative self-beliefs and disempowering relationship dynamics.

Closely on the heels of the New Moon is the darkness of Samhain (Oct 31) and The Day of the Dead (Nov 1), when the wisdom of the spirit world whispers into the hearts of the living. The night of Diwali will shine a light into this transformative darkness with its subtle spiritual dimensions. Light a candle and offer your intentions into the flame, on this dark night you will surely be heard.

--Kari Field

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