It’s Written In The Stars

I’m an astrology skeptic. On occasion, usually after a drink with friends, I have had my chart done or cards read. These readings have largely told me what I already know…I am strong and determined. Fiery and self-reliant.

But the Vedic Astrology reading I recently received from Kari Field was much more detailed - and scarily accurate when it came to specific times and corresponding events in my life.

Full disclosure, Kari is YogaCity NYC’s resident Vedic Astrologer. Cynthia Kling, YCNYC’s Editor, added her column to our bi-weekly rotation about a year ago. When it runs, it is always one of our most popular pieces.

So despite my initial resistance, and with Cynthia’s prodding, I made an appointment with Kari on her website. I was asked to write down the date and place of my birth and also the specific time. Later, Kari told me that a couple of hours can make a big difference in the reading and so she likes her clients to check their birth certificates and confirm the time with their mothers, if they can, because those certificates are often filled out hours after your debut into this world.

Then Kari sent me a screen shot of my astrological chart. Numbers and letters…lines and circles…that meant nothing to me.

Kari lives on the West Coast and so we did the reading over the phone. When we began, she said all these columns and digits were a “blueprint to this life.” It didn’t tell the specifics of my past and future but rather it pointed to my tendencies and the general path my life has undertaken. Kari was careful to tell me that this reading is “not a fixed destiny, there is freedom of choice.”

It seems that although I’m a Taurus in Western astrology, I’m a Scorpio in Vedic astrology. Kari tells me that using planets, rather than a sun sign, gives a different perspective on a person. As a Scorpio I’m courageous…with lots of Pitta. Mars rules me and that means I'm determined, forceful, self-reliant and excitable - no surprise there.

She says however, my moon sign is more reflective of my soul. It’s how I feel, my emotions. Seems this gets a little hairier as I am a Leo ruled by Venus. I’m fertile and creative with a deep seated desire for love and commitment. On the negative side, these tendencies can sometimes slow me down and