Meet The Teach: Biet Simkin

A multi-talented singer, speaker, meditation teacher, and founder of Center of the Cyclone, Biet Simkin blends her extensive study in art, music and spirituality into an immersive meditation experience that offers a hint of rock & roll with plenty of inquisitive introspection.

This brilliant woman has plenty of spiritual energy, but with a solid real-world approach to get around in this world. She should know - she's had more than her fair share of pain in her life.

Ashley Rose Howard caught up with Biet to discuss her work and how to reconnect to joy in the face of fear and pain.

Ashley Rose Howard: Tell me about becoming a meditation teacher?

Biet Simkin: I grew up living an avant-garde dreamlike world. My dad was a guru type, so I did meditation as a child. I was always interested in gathering people and doing different rituals (obviously not charging anyone then).

As I got older, I was still into meditation, but in the drugs and rock & roll world. I’ve been a singer since birth and was signed to Sony at the age of 18. At parties, I was always the girl sitting in the corner talking about the meaning of life and god. I quickly realized I was a brand of a person.

ARH: Did you choose this career path? Or did it choose you?

BS: A few years ago, I was on a friend’s couch meditating and asking the universe: What am I meant to do here? Show me a sign and I’ll do whatever you say. A clear voice came through telling me I am a spiritual teacher. My immediate thought was, what the f*** are you talking about? I thought I needed to be a dude with a beard, over 60 to be a spiritual teacher, so I was very confused. But the voice was loud and clear telling me not to argue. So, I built a website and made business cards and moved into a slow period of becoming a spiritual teacher.

The voice soon returned and told me if I’m going to teach, I need to do it differently. I need to share with the world I’m doing this. I had to get uncomfortable. At first