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Fall Into Faux, Tuna That Is

This is a very forgiving recipe — I adjust the amounts all the time, sometimes I like a little more zingy mustard, or sometimes I want more celery crunch! Feel free to make it your own, I’ve never had a bad batch even when I tweak it here and there. The addition of the artichokes gives the chickpeas some extra texture and fiber. I love this on rye bread with some slices of pickles. This recipe makes a big batch, on purpose -- you can serve it all week long, and in different ways. Make a sandwich, serve it on a bed of salad, melt a vegan cheddar slice and make a "tuna" melt.

Serves 6 (…or lunch all week!) 16 oz dried chick peas, cooked and drained 8 - 10 artichoke hearts (drain if canned, thaw if frozen) 2/3 cup vegan mayo 3 tbs whole grain mustard 2 tbs dill pickle relish 2 tsp celery seed small handful of fresh dill 2 celery stalks, finely diced salt and pepper to taste Options For Assembly: Bread/Wrap Lettuce Leaves Tomato Pickle Slices Onion Slices

Instructions: Cook the chick peas according to the instructions until very tender. (I love my pressure cooker for this job.) Rinse and drain. Blend chick peas and artichokes together with the mayo and mustard in a food processor or with a stick blender. (I have also mashed it together by hand with a fork when no appliances were available.) Mix in the other ingredients into the chick pea base. Adjust the ingredients to taste.

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-Illustration by Beth Sworobuk

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