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We've Gone On Vacation!

Every year YogaCity NYC takes a summer break and goes fishing. We go off and sit somewhere in nature, observe the way the sun glistens on the water and how the sound of a mountain stream sweetly tinkles against the rocks.

We observe which way the schools of fish are swimming and how the tiny snails navigate the huge boulders. How the grasses have grown along the river and how much has the wind has eroded the banks. And we observe the quality of the water…is it clear, murky, deep, or shallow?

Stay a little late and we might meet the Greek God of the forest, Pan, the scary one who gave us the word panic.

Interestingly after a couple of weeks away…specifically not thinking about yoga… we come back to our notebooks and computers filled with new story ideas.

While we are off, you’ll still hear from us in a lazy sort of way. Some stories that are still relevant will rotate on the site, we’ll post things we loved and think you might enjoy re-reading; and we’ll share links to other stories of interest on the web.

Mostly though we will be napping in the sun, chewing on a soft straw of grain, pole in hand, waiting for the right fish to come our way.

Enjoy your break if you’re having one and we’ll meet up again after Labor Day.

Brette, Cynthia, Katie, YogaDork, Allison, Ann, Pam, Olga and Kathleen

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