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Phone Feng Shui: How a Phone Mishap Turned Into Complete Bliss

Technology can drain our time and energy if we let it. And these days our phones are our lives. Everything is on them - calendars, business, emails, contacts, games, music, movies.

You name it, it’s probably on your phone!

Here's the thing, clutter is clutter and it affects you whether it’s in your head, in your closet or on your phone.

No matter where clutter is, it's draining on your energy.

I had no idea how much my phone clutter was affecting me until the other day when - due to issues with my iPhone - I finally decided to do a complete reboot, meaning wipe everything from it and start completely fresh.

Although it was frustrating to have to surrender and reboot, it was actually the most brilliant thing I could have done!

First, it felt like I was getting a brand new phone at no additional cost.

It was clean and fully updated, which for some reason the updates hadn’t been loading properly beforehand, so now it was operating at a higher level.

Second, my contacts were cleared, which meant other than my immediate close friends and family, I was not connected to anyone.


Third, I decided to only add the apps that I absolutely need and use regularly.

For me, these are: Instagram, Hootsuite, Google Maps and USAA. I did not add Facebook. Nor did I add Twitter.

I cannot even explain how much time and space this has created and how much stress it has relieved.

Facebook is too overwhelming for me to attempt on my phone, but I was doing it before because it was there. Same with twitter. These are now computer-only programs for me.

The result: Complete Bliss.

When you make space on your phone, you make space in your life.

I know it’s not realistic for everyone to reboot their entire phone like I did (and if you do, make sure you’ve saved any photos, notes or other data elsewhere first!), but you can take a look at your phone - or your home - and start to make space.

  • Delete programs or apps you don’t use (or desire to limit your use).

  • Move photos to your computer and delete the majority of them from your phone.

  • Filter which music lives on your phone so you have just your favorites at your fingertips.

  • Move excess apps on your phone to a folder so only the apps you need are visible.

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