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New Moon of the Snake - Poisons Or Healing Venom?

Feeling on edge? Tangled up and entwined? The unsettling summer of 2016 is about to take an intense new twist. The new moon of August 2nd administers a potent medicine that can usher us into the light of liberation - if we are ready for its healing venom. The new moon will be in the area of the sky known as Ashlesha, the kundalini snake star of wisdom. This mystical naga-snake offers a formidable healing power. As It slithers through its subconscious terrain, it exposes hidden fears and desires, and can ultimately free us from disempowering beliefs.

Ashlesha is situated at the edge of a subtle ocean in the watery sign of Cancer, and serves as a gateway into the fiery sign of Leo. In Vedic Astrology we call this important point gandanta; meaning “karmic knot.” It is a breaking point in the Zodiac and an important threshold of transformation. This lunar cycle offers an opportunity to break through our knots – our habits and negativities – and expand light into the darkness of ignorance.

Ashlesha is in the area of the sky which contains the head of the constellation of Hydra, the female water snake. - from 8th century Persian Astronomer, Abd-al-Rahman Al Sufi.

This New Moon supports all spiritual practices, especially yoga and meditation. However, be careful of Tantric exercises without guidance, as unwanted kundalini-type experiences are more likely at this time. Remember that when light increases, so do shadows. For highly sensitive individuals this new moon may feel stressful, especially for those who suffer from anxiety or depression. Take it easy on yourself if you are feeling overwhelmed and if you know someone who is suffering at this time do not hesitate to reach out and lend support.

Hillary Clinton has an important connection to Ashlesha. Hillary was born with both Saturn and Mars conjunct in Ashlesha at the mid-heaven of public image. This combination gives her great stamina and intense discipline, yet a rough and rather severe image. Ashlesha also shadows her work with secrecy and suspicious activities. This lunar cycle will revel deeper into her questionable trust-worthiness, probably accelerating the exposure of more damaging information from her past. Medicines - as well as poisons - grow in potency on this new moon. Herbal and homeopathic remedies, as well as pharmaceutical drugs can give great results. However, take heed, medicine is poison when used incorrectly. It is not recommended to use psycho-active or mind altering drugs during Ashlesha New Moon. On August 11, Jupiter will shift from the radiant idealism of sidereal Leo into the earthy and practical sign of Virgo. Since the beginning of the year, the shadow demon, Rahu, has been joined with Jupiter in Leo, spiking the atmosphere with passionate idealism and rebellious politics, and increasing racial, political and economic tensions. Jupiter’s new position in Virgo will hopefully tone down some of this intensity. The magnanimous envisioning power of Jupiter must now take it down a notch and do a detailed reality check. This could change the game in the US elections, bringing a sobering new lens on political issues. Donald Trump, who has been enjoying this odd, non-conforming - yet very empowering - influence of Rahu and Jupiter on his ascendant sign, should start to lose some of his luster and popularity after Jupiter leaves Leo and enters Virgo on August 11. On a personal level this new moon cycle is a wake up call for us all. Take time in the days to come to check in with your heart. This is a time in which we can truly reconfigure our attitudes toward ourselves and the world, including the shadowy parts that we reject. This new moon shows us how the poison that we fear can also be a powerful healing medicine.

--Kari Field, for a personal Vedic reading with Kari, click here.

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