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Beauty Is As Beauty Does

A friend of mine proposed a book club where we analyzed pictures authors had chosen for their book flaps. She said it would give us more insight into these writers than reading their books. Ha-ha, right? I am not sure. We live in the land of the visual -- these choices are selling something and that should interest us.

I decided to play the game with teachers' images by googling yoga teachers. The idea, I suppose, was to find ones who were evolved enough to let you see who they really were because trust and baring ourselves fully, is such an important part of this work.

This is a pretty good sampling of what I found at first:

Then, deeper down, these:

There has been much discussion lately on the business/marketing of this ancient spiritual disciple in American - particularly to women. Before you choose your teachers, make sure you see clearly what they are selling and how much they are willing to reveal themselves first.

--Cynthia Kling, Editor YogaCity NYC

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