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Vedic Astrologer: Turbulent New Moon

Anchor into your truth and prepare yourself for some incoming storms. The New Moon of July 4, 2016 holds all the ingredients for brewing up some intense weather - both internal and externally. If you feel drained of energy, stuck, or held down by your fears, this lunar cycle offers a lightening bolt of inspiration that could jolt you into new levels of growth.

The New Moon will be in the area of the sky known as Ardra Nakshatra, a brilliant star in the constellation of Orion called Betelguese. In Vedic Astrology, this star is said to bring storms and is symbolized by a teardrop. From Ardra’s starry heights, Rudra the destroyer (a form of Lord Shiva) cries down teardrops upon us like rain in a thunderstorm. Rudra is called the howler and it is said that one can hear his cry in the howl of a storm as it approaches. Rudra’s stormy dance shakes the establishment, and levels old belief systems, ultimately dissolving what is outlived and poisonous to us. Though not smooth and easy, this New Moon offers a dramatic liberation from the past.

When the creator god (Brahma) became angry Rudra was born from the destructive heat that emanated from his third eye.

Throughout the first week of July, Mercury will also be powerfully positioned in Ardra, creating a foundation for groundbreaking communication and out of the box thinking. With Neptune’s psychic influence on the New Moon, reading between the lines and picking up subtle cues may become increasingly easy, heightening the potential for creative problem solving and visionary thinking throughout the month. However take heed, for Ardra is notorious for drumming up inter-generational relationship storms - especially issues between father and son and mother and daughter. Consider how others may feel excluded or unappreciated at this time, particularly within close communities and families. This is a lunar cycle that offers extraordinary insight and opportunity for healing old relationship and family wounds. It is important to take extra care of our minds in the upcoming days. Ardratends to cause heightened irritability and this can feel quite turbulent to more sensitive individuals. How do you process though resentment, anger and sadness? If possible, take time for self-care and healing practices and avoid harsh situations and isolation. Practicing mindfulness-based meditation will be especially soothing at this time, as well as taking peaceful walks in natural settings. Deep self-understanding and insight may be gained through carefully observing ourselves and others during this lunar cycle. Increased by a powerful influence from spiritual Ketu, this New Moon holds the potential to dramatically improve our lives by helping us to move through grief and release the past. Ardra’s unruly storm releases tension and cleans the atmosphere of our hearts, moistens the earth so new growth can sprout, and opens us to a fresh new start.

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