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The Must-Read Book Club

Leigh Evans: I was on my first Ayurvedic Retreat with Dr. Vasant Lad at Ananda Ashram. The morning session had truly opened my eyes up to the powerful healing practices of Ayurveda. I was sitting on the grass eating lunch with some of my new friends. I was so excited about learning everything I could about Ayurveda. One of my friends recommended "The Path of Practice" to me. She said it had completely changed her life. So I bought the book the moment I got home from the retreat and it completely changed my life too!

YCNYC: Favorite quote?​

LE: "When we remain mindful in every moment of the day, filling each second to the brim with nourishing practices that regenerate body, mind, and spirit, we heal ourselves and help others to heal themselves. The path of practice helps us to find our inner voice and walk our own true path. Only then can we live a life of simplicity- one that flows in harmony with the cosmic rhythms."

YCNYC: What one person would you recommend this book to?

LE: "The Path of Practice" profoundly transformed my relationship to my body and myself as a woman. Every woman should read this book, so just give it to the next woman you pass on the street!

I have shared "The Path of Practice" with many women and include it on the required reading list for my 200 HR Yoga Teacher Training program. My YTT students have also experienced powerful healing through the practices and have been inspired to share the them with their students and friends. A huge awareness of Women's healing practices has awakened in Brooklyn and beyond.

YCNYC: What moment or part resonates with you the most?

LE: The practices for aligning your menstrual cycle with the lunar cycle.

You can purchase The Path of Practice, A Woman's book of Ayurvedic Healing here.

Have a Must-Read book to recommend? Email us here.

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