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Opinion: How To Be?

This is always something I think about. I am constantly hitting myself with my own switch: be better, be stronger, be more honest, use words more accurately, more carefully.

Do you do that reader? I am betting you do.

With that in mind, I came across the poet Mary Oliver's words about her wife, the photographer, Molly Malone Cook who died in 2005. I wanted to share them with you because they are a rounded picture of a truly wise woman and I think our yoga community is searching for this kind of person now as we reel from all that has recently happened.

"M. had will and wit and probably too much empathy for others; she was quick in speech and she did not suffer fools. When you knew her she was unconditionally kind. But also, you had to be brave to get to know her.

She was style, and she was an old loneliness that nothing could quite wipe away; she was vastly knowledgeable about people, about books, about the mind’s emotions and the heart’s. She lived sometimes in a black box of memories and unanswerable questions, and then would come out and frolic — be feisty, and bold."

When you read this, did you see something of yourself in them? I did. So we can put our switches down, at least for a little while.

Have a Happy Memorial Day,

Cynthia Kling

editor, Yoga City NYC

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