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Poet's Corner: Happily Ever Laughter

You fill me up with your fragrant Laughter blend..

With shivers down my

spine-you send..

This aromatic bouquet

Leaves me heady, trippy and dizzy with delight...

Dazed, dazzled-I stupor out, into the night.



Oh, Secret potion of lotion - I want MORE..

Lathering me and enveloping..

my every pore…

AND pour..

Drops of this maddening elixir onto my soul...

A drizzle, a dash, a pinch.

I am OUT of control.

Shivering, Quivering...

A big Laughter Yogic O!!

You Send me..

You Take me..

Make Me..

Awaken me.

You spill.

I thrill.

I am yours..

In another state of consciousness -I arrive.

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