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The Must-Read Book Club

Nicole Lynne Hooley: It was “Coyote Medicine” that brought me to this book. This beautiful book came to me first on a reading list for an alternative medicine course I took part in. I nearly completed the yearlong course before even ordering it.

It took someone hinting that challenges I was facing in various areas of my life would be easier to work with if I had the information in this book. I have to say, if you are having trouble in various areas in life although you feel like you are making positive changes to live a spiritually elevated life, this book will truly bring you light and wisdom as you journey.

YCNYC: Favorite quote?​

NLH: A poem by the author from the author to open chapter 2:

Dreaming Oneness

"Take my gently into the dawn,

Where my dream becomes the light,

Uniting with the radiance of the sun,

Shedding the indigo of my spirit's flight.

Return me to the waking world,

With vivid images imprinting my heart,

Grasping the maps of new born paths,

Allowing my life to become living art. "

-Jamie Sams

YCNYC: What one person would you recommend this book to?

NLH: I would recommend this book to the yogini and yogi who identifies with the Healing Path. If you see your practice as a means for the healing of yourself and others this book will expand your wisdom and inspire you to step more solidly onto your path. This book offers new perspective on the seven healing centers or paths. I find the shamanic explanation to be very vivid and enchanting. It has an incredible way of activating your more creative and imaginative mind to help you move past energetic blocks for deep healing, empowerment and wisdom!

YCNC: What moment or part resonates with you the most?

NLH: As expected, I find the Coyote/Trickster medicine to be the most helpful at putting obstacles into perspective. From my understanding the idea is that as we move forward onto mastery of our life lessons and path we are given “pop quizzes” and tests to humble us and to keep us growing.

This book leaves you seeing even the most difficult circumstances as opportunities for growth… as beautiful stepping stones on a collective work that is your life. The test is to take what you've learned so far and to put it into practice when it matters.

In a practical sense this can relate to our Yoga Practice. It is all well and good to practice ahimsa and asana in the yoga studio, however, how do we react in real life situations when things catch us off guard? This book helps to put all of life’s ebbs and flows into perspective and invites you to find humor in even the most difficult of circumstances. Each chapter leaves you with new guides and metaphors to use as healing tools on the path to living the dream! Such a gem!

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