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Poet's Corner: A Close Conception

A Close Conception

Surely if anything this life is what we make of it

Malleable like desert sands in the wind

Or Canyons touched by their first rain drop

Cursed with a lack of vision, many seek to manipulate pebbles

Not knowing their own power to mold clay into form

Refusing to know ourselves

We cut our wrists on the sword that could have been bent

Into ploughshares

All seek the same essence

While only a Few look into the mirror to find it

Lost souls adrift a sea of torment scream out

Only to be ignored by their fellows

And then

The Light breaks and dawn emerges

Phoenix's rise to claim their birthright

Amidst a mixture of dust, sweat and tears

From Laughter

Word! is a part time Chinese Doctor and part time Buddhist Scholar. When he is not out saving the world he is writing poems inspired by The Goddess within or about yoga.

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