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Throw Your Food (Into A Rice Cooker)

I started cooking for retreats at Heathen Hill in 2004. I can't recall ever worrying about vegan, gluten free or even vegetarian options. There was endless quiche and plenty of pasta.

But now? Yikes! If I have 20 guests, four of them are lactose intolerant, five are gluten-free, three are vegan, and one will only eat what has been foraged in the last 20 minutes. No kidding. I sent one guy out to find his own food in the woods. Why he didn't think it was legitimate to harvest from our HUGE organic garden I will never know.

This easy dish satisfies everyone. Except Forage Guy. We used a rice cooker. Try it in a saucepan. Let us know!


1 cp. BASMATI RICE - white or brown

1 can LITE COCONUT MILK and enough water to make 2 cps.

1 can BLACK BEANS drained and rinsed

1/2 RED PEPPER- chopped fine

1 small ONION - chopped fine


1 tsp. SALT more to taste


Throw everything in the rice cooker. Set the menu for basmati rice.

We think you can do this in a sauce pan as well. Go crazy.

For more information on Heathen Hills, visit the site here.

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