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The Poet's Corner: Catherine Ekeleme

The First Principle

I built a foundation on forgotten feelings

Stood atop the pile and hit the glass ceiling Wind from reality unearthed my true purpose

To move on the mat and write these verses

My past pains and questions from confusion Elapsed time over limits and outdated conclusions

Efforts to be strong but not for me

Tripped the steps of what I thought made me free

If I didn't know better, I'd see overwhelming fear

The lies of illusions, the ego's listening ear

Failed promises of letters to uphold a strong oath

But because I know better, in truth, I see growth.

So I built anew, on lessons learned

Extinguished my anguish, healed the burns

Stood atop my mat and looked ahead

Invigorated by the spirit, from which I am now led.

--Catherine Ekeleme

"I love to experience life by curiously exploring movement and language. I have been an avid reader and writer of poetry since I was a child."

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