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French Toast For Vegans And Lovers

I think I have cracked the vegan code with this one. French toast (aka pain perdu) is delicious, romantic and also a super kid friendly breakfast. I use my crepe recipe as the “egg” and cook up some day-old bread in a pan with vegan butter and voila—the best French toast in town!

Take note: The amount of chickpea batter might vary due to the size and shape of your bread. You can always make more. I get 6 slices of French toast with these measurements.


1/4 cup chickpea flour 1 tablespoon arrowroot powder 1/2 cup plant milk* 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 6 slices of day old bread Vegan butter, for pan frying

*Any plant milk will work, but I love cashew milk here. If you don’t have a Vitamix, soak your cashews first for a few hours. Blend 1/2 cup cashews with 1 cup of filtered water. Let it rip until well blended. You will have leftover cashew milk.


  1. In a big bowl, whisk together the chickpea flour and arrowroot powder. Don’t skip this step—it makes the batter nice and smooth.

  2. Add the plant milk and vanilla extract and whisk again until totally combined.

  3. Drop the bread slices, two or three at a time, into the batter and press them down so they are covered.

  4. Heat the butter in a skillet. While the butter is melting, press the bread slices down just to make sure they are absorbing the batter.

  5. When the butter is nice and hot, lift the bread out and let the excess batter drip off. Drop the bread into the skillet and start cooking. Press down with the back of the spatula and wait another few seconds. Then flip them over and cook on the other side, for another few minutes.

  6. Serve with cinnamon and maple syrup and anything else you want. Enjoy!

For more vegan eats by Lisa Dawn Angerame, visit here.

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