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Is Karma To Blame?

Despite multiple attempts, Kat Donnelly, part-time Yoga Teacher and actress, still cannot secure a sub for her Friday night, 7:00 p.m. Flow Yoga class. “I’m rehearsing a show with my theater company and I really need to find coverage,” she begs. She has even included URGENT in the subject of her emails, but still has had no responses.

In her sub requests, Donnelly assures that "they are a willing and able group of yogis that like to sweat,” and she will “return the favor.”

Another Yoga teacher who once subbed the Friday evening slot for Donnelly, John Kastanakis, states “they were unwilling to try a different approach to headstand and they didn’t want to sweat too much.” He doubts he will sub for Donnelly in the future even though he really needs the money. Kastanakis shared the news with other teachers which has diminished the credibility of her sub requests.

Regarding her claims to return favors, other Yoga teachers on the same sub list reported that Donnelly often did not return favors at other peak times such as Saturday morning or Sunday evening when the favors could likely be returned. When asked about her weekends, Donnelly reveals that she used to be available but now has a boyfriend. Donnelly's boyfriend works in finance and looks forward to spending the weekend with her. “If I can get out of work by 6pm, I can take her Friday night class, and then we go out with friends for drinks,” boyfriend says. Donnelly admits to having a life and adds that hanging out on Friday nights renders her too hungover to cover her fellow colleagues on Saturday mornings, resulting in bad karma.

Currently, Donnelly has no plans to give up her search. “I’m just gonna put it out to the universe,” she threatens. She is now signing her emails With Love and Light, hoping that will make her seem more sincere.

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