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Yoga For Better Sex

Sadie Kurzban will be heating up the NYC yoga scene this Valentine's Day with a

Yoga 4 Better Sex workshop for couples, as well as adding this class to her studios lineup.

Yoga 4 Better Sex? It’s not what you think.

Yes, these classes are inspired by yoga and dance, and may just have an orgasm-enhancing side effect too, since it's all about helping women feel more comfortable in their own skin.

So no, the X in this equation does not stand for X-rated, instead it stands for everything from sex, power, and intimacy, to self-respect and courage.

Kurzban is the founder of 305 Fitness, a studio that was until now best known for its high octane Miami-style dance cardio workouts. 305’s workouts have an intense party like vibe that may just have you feeling like you’re at a club rather than a fitness class.

You won’t be surprised to learn that Kurzban is as fiery, passionate, and energetic as her workouts. But Kurzban is very serious about yoga, having felt its affects first hand. It's given her a way to relax, release, and find a way to let-go physically and emotionally. “Heart- and hip-openers have helped me find an inner voice of wisdom, feel more grounded, and be more courageous.”

The themed yoga classes are the end result of a partnership between Kurzban and her best friend and yoga teacher Shira Atkins. They struck up a friendship while they were both studying at Brown University. Back then, Kurzban was growing her dance classes. At the same time, Atkins was running Brown’s yoga program, which she also started, and according to Kurzban, her friend is a gifted teacher. “While still in school, she would have students lined up around the block to take her classes.” When she arrived in NYC, Atkins took several training's at Laughing Lotus, including the Fly/Bhakti training, Hands On, and Super Sequencing.

In many ways, the two friends complement each other perfectly. “I am pitta, all fire, and

ambition, Shira is kapha—grounded, earthy, talented, and beautiful.” They both moved to NYC, with Kurzban opening 305 Fitness, and holding pop-up dance cardio classes around the city, until moving into her West Village studio. Atkins, on the other hand, started teaching yoga to private clients and specializing in posture alignment work.

While they developed Yoga 4 Better Sex together, Atkins is the mastermind behind the vinyasa-style classes. In fact, she began teaching this class at Brown, once a year, on Valentine's Day. Yoga 4 Better Sex is the next evolution of these classes. It's a 55-minute vinyasa flow, which hits all the yogic sweet spots, including a dharma talk, inversions, back bends, hip-openers, heart-openers, and, of course, savasana—all set to rhythmic grooves.

While this class may inspire a sensual groove or more intense orgasms, if that is the X you're looking for, when you strip out all the hype for Atkins, it's all about grounding, releasing insecurities, and, yes, healing.

“My hope is that women will start to understand that every aspect of their being is valuable and beautiful, and that a yoga practice will give them the tools they need to find healing and elevation in every aspect of their lives.” We could all use a little more of that kind of X-power.

—Dar Dowling

You can get more information about these classes by clicking here.

Photo of Shira by Hailey Wist


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