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Zenyasa Studio / ASFYT


Are you interested in…

  • Acquiring confidence in your knowledge of musculoskeletal anatomy?

  • Gaining insight into the injuries and conditions that your students may be dealing with?

  • Learning about the risk factors associated with asana practice and how to prevent injuries?

  • Improving the effectiveness of your verbal cues and hands-on assists?

We offer an advanced teacher training certification in musculoskeletal anatomy, injury awareness/prevention, biomechanics and kinesiology that was created for yoga teachers, yoga therapists and movement professionals seeking to deepen their knowledge in these critical areas. The training consists of the following three courses:

  • ASFYT-1: Skeletal Anatomy, Common Injuries & Yoga Asana (36 hours)

  • ASFYT-2: Muscle Anatomy & Yoga Asana (36 hours)

  • ASFYT-3: Kinesiology of Yoga Asana (36 hours)



The 108-hour ASFYT Series is presented over the course of nine (9) months, with students attending one 3-hour class per week and spending perhaps 5-8 hours per week studying between classes. Students receive access to a comprehensive student resources website that includes the lecture notes and presentation slides for each module, video lectures (in case you miss a class or just want to review), audio recordings of the live classes, video clips of in-class demonstrations and open-book quizzes designed to help review the material.

UPCOMING: 2017/18 Tuesday track

Meets on Tuesday from 2:15-5:15pm...

  • ASFYT-1: 9/19 thru 12/5/17

  • ASFYT-2: 1/9 thru 3/27/18

  • ASFYT-3: 4/3 thru 6/19/18

Register by 8/29/17 and save $150 on your tuition!

Register for all three courses up front and save up to $290.

Click here to register, and begin the journey to anatomical empowerment!


All classes will be held at:

Zenyasa Yoga & Wellness Studio

155 West 72nd Street, #601

New York, NY 10023

For more information about the training, please visit

or email us at


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