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Doodle What You Are Grateful For!

I don't surf.

What this picture really is to me is the concept of connectedness, being in the "flow," and spiritual freedom. There is nothing I'm more grateful about then these things. The concept of this is the "cosmic cowabunga," my personal take on spirituality. You know you can get in the groove of life, and it feels like you're absolutely whooshing with the current...

You're in the pipeline and life keeps bringing you evidence. But if the nose of your board is a little off, you get a really choppy ride. If your're pointed to the side, there's some falling off the board. If you're pointed the other direction? Good luck. But all you really have to do is find your center of gravity and literally go with the flow to live the best life possible.

I began really focusing on drawing during a time when I was very blocked and used it—a creative discipline that had no stress or money associated with it—to help me tap-in and get my right brain flowing.

—Andy Stone

To see more of Andy's drawings and doodles go, to his Instagram at @andythestone.

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