Deeper Learning Series: Five Senior Teachers Discuss Their Theories Of Alignment

Everyone with a physical practice—yogis, gym rats, dancers, Olympians—is familiar with the term "alignment." But the definition-range is wide. What does it actually mean to be aligned?

B.K.S. Iyengar remains yoga’s reining alignment doyen, even after death. Be it by block,

blanket, bolster, or belt, his influence on the teaching of poses continues to trickle into almost any yoga space—and teacher training—in the world.

“The purpose or goal of asana is to align and harmonize the physical body and all the layers, or sheaths, of the subtle…body,” Iyengar wrote in Light on Life. “But how does one align these layers and experience integration? How does one find such profound transformation in what from the outside may look simply like stretching or twisting the body into unusual positions? It begins with awareness.”