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The Sunday Blog: What Is It About Fear?

We got my son a Swiss Army knife for his sixth birthday. He had been asking for one since he saw it in the window of a shop near his nursery school. That was three years ago. So, finally, with much fanfare, he received his dream gift—a bright red Junior 03 Victorinox pocketknife! He was more excited about this knife than he was about any of the other gifts he got, which included everything else he loves—books, a science kit, and, not one, but two video games.

My husband sat down with my son and showed him how the knife works. It has 15 tools, including a blade (without a point), scissors, tweezers, and a screwdriver. My son was thrilled with his new prized possession. I might be projecting this onto him, but I saw swagger and self-confidence.

We had a big party later in the day where we celebrated with grandparents, aunts, uncles, and friends. After the science experiments, the pizza, the cake, and the ice cream, the knife made an appearance. I was somewhere in the front of the house, but I heard a commotion out back. I arrived to see my mother grabbing the knife away from my son, who was in tears. Another set of parents were standing by, shielding their children with heavily worried looks on their faces.