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The Guest Blog: We Keep What We Give Away

In a world ruled by the ego, our thoughts, beliefs and actions try to keep us safe by keeping us scared. Common themes are: fear, scarcity, competition, complaining, and resentment. There's always an undercurrent of not enough.

In a world sourced from soul, our thoughts, beliefs and actions are aligned with love. Common themes are: oneness, creativity, collaboration, abundance, generosity, gratitude, and forgiveness. There's often an undercurrent of everything is going to be okay.

I don't presume to have figured out the mystery of the universe and how a billion different human puzzle pieces fit together into a cohesive whole that serves the highest good of all, but I do know that when I listen to the physical sensation of truth in my body and follow that, I feel aligned with my soul, with love. When I look in the mirror, I am happy with the person I see.

When I don't, when I can't access the courage, when I can't believe that something so beautiful could be true, when I can't trust that after winter comes spring, that is when I have the hardest time loving and honoring the person in the mirror.

An example: I went to a book event for Dr. Lissa Rankin and her new book, The Fear Cure. She was leading it with one of my favorite contemporary poets and authors and astrologists, Tosha Silver. I bought Tosha's book, had her sign it, said thank you, and was grateful for the interaction; however, shortly after meeting her, I heard this voice inside my head that said, "Give her the Ganesh ring."

This is the thing with this soul voice. One of its most common attributes is that it asks you to do things that are inconvenient, outside of your comfort zone, and require a leap of faith.

I didn't want to be weird, and my ego didn't really want to give away the ring at first. It was a beloved Pitango ring. They are all one of a kind, and have a special spiritual infusion. This was a ring of Ganesh, a Hindu deity, and I was counting on him to help remove obstacles.

After my ego thoughts swirled around, I took a deep breath, and felt my heart. The ring belongs to Tosha. What an honor to be able to meet her, and gift her something that is so meaningful to me. This is a gift as much to myself as to her.

I walked up to her and said, "I know this may sound strange, but after I met you, this ring told me that it belongs to you. I was hesitant at first, because I love this ring, but I realize that I was just the delivery person to make sure that it got to you. That is, if you would like it." Her face lit up with joy. The ring fit perfectly on her finger.

Soul message heard, honored, and acted upon. I also remembered that it is only in giving away the Ganesh ring that I received its blessing. The only obstacle to overcome was/is/will be my egoic thinking.

We get opportunities to practice listening to our soul voice all day long, and the place where it can be the most challenging is with our finances. I teach one retreat a year in Woodstock that is a pay-what-you-can retreat. Everyone pays for their own food and housing, but the retreat aspect of Qoya classes and rituals are given with the intention for the participants to have the experience, and then feel into their heart what feels right to exchange for the value they've received. It's all an experiment.

In many ways, I believe it doesn't matter whether you spend the money or save the money, but the consciousness within which you do it. The question is: are you able to center yourself in love and listen to the voice of your soul?

As we honor the teachings of non-attachment and trust the voice of our soul, may we also remember that we get to keep what we give away.

How can you see if this is true for you today? How can you give and see if in your giving, you receive? I'd love to know.

To learn more about Qoya or read more of Rochelle's work, click here.

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