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The Must-Read Book Club: Jillian Pransky On "Daring Greatly."

YC: How'd you find it?

Jillian Pransky: I loved Brene Brown's TED Talk, so I picked up a copy when I was looking for a good read to take with me on my Costa Rica Retreat.

YC: Describe the book in five words.

JP: Illustrates how vulnerability transforms our lives

YC: Quote You'd Put On Your Wall?

JP: "I think abundance and scarcity are two sides of the same coin. The opposite of "never enough" isn't abundance or "more than you could ever imagine." The opposite of scarcity is enough, or what I call wholeheartedness. There are many tenets of wholeheartedness, but at its very core is vulnerability and worthiness: facing uncertainty, exposure, and emotional risks, and knowing that I am enough."

YC: What's the best part of her writing?

JP: How 'naked' Brene is. She strips everything down to real-life moments. Honest. Clear. Vulnerable. No one gets painted in a good or bad light. Instead it just highlights and reveals what it is to be human and how we learn to build armor that winds up minimizing our full wholehearted human experience. She then encourages with great enthusiasm and clarity how to engage in fuller, wholehearted living.

You can order Daring Greatly here.

--Interview by Allison Richard

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