Indian Master Coming To New York

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Firooza Razvi seems to have incredibly good yoga karma. At 18, a friend took her to a class of the Father Joe Pereira on a lark. It worked so well, he sent her off to study with a teacher she'd never heard of: BKS Iyengar. Her skills and style were so apparent that Mr. Iyengar quickly had her under his careful eye.

This week, Razvi comes to New York to give a series of classes at the Iyengar Institute, starting April 10th. In an unusual move, she will teach for five full days, unlike the standard 10-hour sessions given by visiting teachers.

NYC yogis will not only see what Iyengar yoga is all about from the source, but why she captivated two of India's most respected teachers. Alystyre Julian sat down to find out more about Firooza and her plans for NYC.

Alystyre Julian: How did you start practicing with the Iyengars?

Firooza Razvi: By chance. My first teacher, Father Joe Pereira, sent me after two years, to learn from Guruji. I knew nothing then about B.K.S. Iyengar - his achievements, popularity, or his powerful persona.

I was also lucky that I was at an age, 21, where criticism had not set in my fresh mind and I could lap up and digest every word and action which was taught.

AJ: Do you have particular anecdotes about studying with Mr. Iyengar?

FR: Every moment with Guruji was special. There were so many lessons in asana. One, which strengthened my standing poses, is where he taught me how the space between the big toe and the mound under the toe is the brain in standing poses. What a different that made!

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