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Everyone Needs A Little Bit Of Cancer

I heard someone say once – “everyone should have a little bit of cancer.” What? The idea threw me because I try as best as I can to stay away from the dreaded C disease by having my mammogram, watching my diet, red wine, blah, blah, blah.

Then my husband got some troubling prostate numbers –potential cancer down the line – and that counter-intuitive idea fell into place all of the sudden. I was worried of course, but the stronger feeling was one of taking more joy with him – deeper kisses, more moments of generosity when I would do something just because he wanted me to, not because it was my turn (no tit for tatting, hard after you’ve been married 25 years), shutting my mouth about how awful football was – that problem would have to be solved by the next generation.

I suck at meditation. But when this happened, I suddenly found myself valuing the present, stopping and being fully in it, so much more. Sure, I was anxious about what would happen. As I’ve aged and watched loved ones die, I have also finally learned that we all have a sell-by date, we all have a little bit of the dreaded C within us – or something like it. Being brushed by that knowledge reminded me of the most important thing we can do: live more fully because you have this knowledge.

–Cynthia Kling

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