Meet The Teach: Jeffrey Posner

Jeffrey Giving An Assist.jpg

Jeffrey Posner is definitely a “guys” guy, with a teaching style that gives his classes a slight testosterone boost. All of which isn’t really surprising considering that he was a bit of a jock in college, playing lacrosse and football, while also putting in time wrestling.

While his teaching style is very guy friendly, it's his passion for teaching students how to make their dreams of doing inversions and arm balances a reality that make his classes and workshops popular with both men and women. You see Posner is a wee bit obsessed with showing students how to use their hands to make sure these poses are pain-free, much easier to do and fun.

YogaCity NYC's Dar Dowling recently caught up with Jeffrey to find out more about how he found his way out of the locker-room and onto the mat.

Dar Dowling: What did yoga give you that those other sports didn’t?

Jeffrey Posner: Never in a million years did I think that I would be going to class regularly or become a teacher, but of all the sports I've done yoga never got old and kept me wanting to learn more.

Moderns sports tends to build intensity and pride, along with skill and strength – it's more ego driven. Yoga got me back into shape, but it also made me a nicer more easy-going person, and I naturally started wanting to live better. It was a very different and amazing experience.

DD: During your classes you often call yoga the Indiana Jones of workouts – why?

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