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Tranquility in the Making with Lauren Krauze

Brahman yoga is a studio conducive to relaxation. Five minutes before class started, our teacher Lauren Krause instructed those who arrived early into a Restorative Fish Pose with a rolled blanket resting slightly below the armpits. The room was candle-lit with floor to ceiling windows high above the bustle of Harlem. Inspired by its sister studio, Yoga Agora in Astoria, this studio located right off the A 145th Street stop, offers $5 classes. After the class was settled and ready to begin, our Jivamukti-trained, 800 hour certified teacher talked us through several rounds of Surya Namaskar A then Namaskar B. "Let me know if you don't want to be adjusted," Lauren told us as she walked around the room. She then lead us through a series of standing poses; we moved from Warrior 1 to Warrior 2 to Trikonasana to Extended Side Angle to Pyramid. This then evolved into Extended Side Angle with the option to bind to Ardha Chandrasana back to Extended Side Angle to Warrior 2 with Vasisthasana in between. Each time we practiced Vasisthasana, Lauren added the challenge of raising one leg five inches in the air then taking hold of the big toe. After a series of sweaty standing poses, the series started to take a twisty, hip-opening turn. From Standing Split we moved into a Seated Spinal Twist to Ankle-to-Knee to Pigeon. This was later complimented by Crescent Lunge, Lizard then Rock Star Pose. After a vinyasa we took our Plank all the way to the floor and came into Shalabhasana. Then rolling onto our backs, Lauren walked us through Bridge Pose (with the option to go into Restorative Bridge) followed by a couple of rounds of Urdhva Dhanurasana (Full Wheel Pose) for those who wanted try. Simmering the class down, Lauren then walked us through Shoulderstand, advising us to protect our delicate necks with the use of a folded blanket. Lauren then brought us full circle back to the beginning, ending class with Restorative Fish. After holding this deeply relaxing pose for about ten minutes we rolled up into a seated position and chanted three Oms to end this tranquil class. Classes are $5 donation with $2 mat rental. -Marie Carter for Yoga Sleuth

Monday, 7:00-8:15pm


501 West 145th Street, 3rd Floor New York, NY 10031 914-996-7071

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