New Studio Opening! SweetWater Dance and Yoga

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When Yosara B. Trujillo opened a yoga studio in her neighborhood, she knew there would be skeptics.

“We’re in the freaking South Bronx!” said a judiciously intensified Trujillo. “Who does yoga in the South Bronx? People questioned what kind of quality can this yoga studio offer? Will it be it a real yoga class? People go to Harlem for yoga from this neighborhood.”

The area, a melting pot of racial, ethnic and economic diversity is best known for the government offices, Grand Concourse with its beautiful prewar housing, and Yankee Stadium, the biggest business in the area. A thriving yoga community is not something this neighborhood boasts about.

Trujillo’s response to her naysayers was simple – include dance.

“The native community hasn’t been exposed to yoga. For them, yoga is white people’s stuff — not something that they do. Give them Zumba-- something they’re into, and then expose them to yoga.”

Trujillo, born and raised in the Bronx, discovered yoga through her aunt at Integral. She became hooked on Hatha and later on Bikram.

Her passion for continued while on the path to becoming a lawyer, but with the birth of her son Prasad (Sanskrit for the blessing that comes from the offering) she shifted her focus towards opening a yoga studio – to spendmore time with Prasad and to get the yoga she needed in her life “to be okay.”

To find teachers, she combed through the Integral listerve for recent graduates of the certification

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