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Rock N' Flow with Fern Langham

With names like “Fierce Pose” and “Intense Warrior” being used now in class, many yogis often discover they may be taking themselves a little too seriously. That’s why Yoga People in Brooklyn Heights decided to start offering a high-spirited and dynamic Rock N’ Flow class, pairing a creative, athletic yoga sequence with a powerful playlist to rock your mind and body in a lighthearted flow. The moment I walked into this spacious studio I felt instantly welcomed as a newcomer. The space exuded an aura of peacefulness and safety that helped lift any sense of anxiety I was holding onto before walking in the door. At the front of the studio stood a smiley redhead dressed in a glow of positivity and warmth. Fern Langham introduced herself to the class, then immediately began to rock my world, if you will, with an opening meditation focused on the breath. We moved slowly and mindfully through several warm-up poses like Cat/Cow and Downward Facing Dog, then she led us into a few rounds of Surya Namaskar A. Fern’s thoughtful cues and adjustments created a sense of union among the class as we rhythmically flowed in and out of each pose. The beginning poses were a great preparation for all the arm balancing we did including Dolphin and practicing kicking up into Pincha Mayurasana. After forearm strengthening, a quick rest in Child’s Pose brought me back to my breath as Fern continued to repeat the word “breathe” several times clearly and loudly. Hearing this word repeated really helped my mind from wandering in our few moments of cool down. Bridge into Urdhva Dhanurasana was our next challenge to really open up the chest and let Fern’s authentic radiance into our hearts. I felt my whole body expand as she lifted my natural arch even higher in Wheel Pose, followed by an assist in finding comfort in groundedness. A long headstand practice was optional for those of us that were comfortable standing on our heads for more than a few minutes. It’s not often we get the opportunity to hang in space and find balance, but in this class we most definitely got the chance to rock a reverse flow. Cooling down was as delightful as the rays of sunset peeking through the sheer curtains. The Ganesh sitting at the center of the windowsill became luminous with sunlight as Fern guided us into a Savasana, our full relaxation pose, on our backs. The music softened, along with my limbs and thoughts. My palms remained open towards the ceiling, soaking in all the energy left in the room after such a well-rounded and invigorating practice. To feel even more rooted into the earth, Fern placed small cushions on our abdomens and adjusted us into a deeper level of comfort. As I began to take long inhales, aromas of calming oils tickled my senses bringing awareness to Fern’s presence behind me. Just when I didn’t think I could feel any more relaxed, a few drops of oil along my clavicle calmed my nervous system as she gently massaged my third eye and the crown of my head. As we took ourselves out of Savasana and into a comfortable seated position towards the front of the room, we closed with a few vibrational OMs. Fluttering our eyes open, Fern remained still at the front of the room divinely sending us love and light. “Namaste,” she said, as she joined us in a bow of mirrored recognition. And similar to the growth of a fresh fern, we became budding extensions of her joyful foundation.

-Ashley Howard for Yoga Sleuth

Drop-in classes are $20. Select classes include acoustic live music followed by local Brooklyn wine.

Tuesday, 5:30-6:45pm Open

Yoga People 160 Montague St. Brooklyn, NY 11201 718-522-9642

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