Joyful Cooking With Jivamukti's Renaissance Woman

“Live your life enhancing the lives of others,” says Sharon Gannon. “That’s the purpose of life, isn’t it?”

Sharon, a long-time yogi, author, musician and animal-rights activist, has always lived by this, and her latest offering to the masses brings it to literal fruition:

On the eve of the 30th anniversary of Jivamukti, the legendary Yoga studio she founded with David Life, Sharon launched Simple Recipes for Joy, a book of her over 200 vegan easy-to-follow-recipes.

“It happened really organically!” says Sharon, no pun intended (probably). “I certainly didn’t intend to write a book, I just intended to become a better cook! So I experimented, had dinner parties. And if what I cooked was a hit, I was careful to write everything down and try to duplicate it. Just as when you’re improvising with music or dance, which is really my background, if you hit on something that sounds good and seems to work, you want to codify it and see if you can repeat it.”

Sharon reveals there was another, personally practical reason for the book as well:

“One thing that drives me crazy is an un-organized workspace,” she says. “My office at home is filled with so many manuscripts and notebooks filled with stuff. So it was really just my way of organizing my messy office!” she laughs. “(The recipes) all existed in a real makeshift way. And I wanted to finish it. It’s good to finish projects.”

She then explained that her passion for cooking came from her initial journeys as a spiritual seeker in her early 20s.